Trade and enterprise

Air New Zealand plays a significant role in taking New Zealand products and services to the world.

For New Zealand businesses to succeed, global connectivity is critical. Our network - domestic and international - provides New Zealand business with access to key markets supporting a prosperous and growing New Zealand. We also incorporate many New Zealand products into our customer experience.

Enabling exports

Cargo is a crucial part of our offering and is important to New Zealand's high value export chain. We carry more than 35% of air freighted exports from New Zealand and our networks give our exporters and importers access to 120 destinations, so that New Zealand can sell to and import product from almost any point on the globe.

Showcasing New Zealand

We are proudly one of the country's biggest servers of New Zealand wine, serving 100% New Zealand wine onboard (except sparkling wine). We have sponsored the New Zealand Wine Awards for over 30 years and are a patron of 'Fine Wines of New Zealand', a compilation of the country's most prestigious wines, curated annually by six of New Zealand's top independent wine experts. In 2016, 65 cabin crew members went through training with Villa Maria wine experts to become wine specialists, identified by a black apron with the distinction of 'Wine Specialist' embroidered on the front.

Through our substantial contribution to the New Zealand economy via dividends, tax, wages and the application of a sustainable sourcing approach to more than $1.2 billion in spend, we also directly and indirectly drive demand for New Zealand businesses.

Find out more in our 2017 Sustainability Report.

You can also read about key activities and projects in the report: Sustainable Sourcing, Global air connectivity, Cargo Services and Economic contribution.