Changing country of residence

If you have moved to or from Australia, changing your country of residence online will require a conversion of your Airpoints™ account balance from Airpoints Dollars™ to Australian Airpoints Dollars or vice versa. Please note that this process could take up to 1 hour, during which time you will be unable to access your Airpoints account. The rate of exchange is calculated at the discretion of Air New Zealand.

Please note that if you change your country of residence more than twice in a 12 month period, Air New Zealand is able to charge a service fee of $25 or A25 at its discretion. See Airpoints terms and conditions for details.

If you have previously been residing in New Zealand but have moved overseas and are part of an existing Shairpoints™ group, please be aware that you will need to remove yourself from this group before you are able to change your country of residence. You can manage your membership in a Shairpoints group here. Removing yourself from a Shairpoints group will not close your Airpoints account. 

Shairpoints is only currently available to Airpoints members residing in New Zealand.