Board committees and charters

Air New Zealand has four operating board committees.

Each committee has a written charter which sets out its role and responsibilities, composition and manner in which it is to operate. The charters can be viewed by clicking on the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Audit Committee


Jan Dawson (Chairman)
Dame Therese Walsh
Laurissa Cooney
Jonathan Mason
Stephan Deschamps (Acting CFO in attendance)

People Remuneration & Diversity Committee


Jonathan Mason (Chairman)
Dame Therese Walsh
Jan Dawson
Sir John Key

Health, Safety & Security Committee


Rob Jager (Chairman)
Dame Therese Walsh
Linda Jenkinson

Funding Committee


Dame Therese Walsh (Chairman)
Jan Dawson
Rob Jager

Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter

People Remuneration & Diversity Committee Charter

Health, Safety & Security Committee Charter

Funding Committee Charter