Argentina entry and transit requirements

Argentina reciprocity fee

Argentina apply a reciprocity fee for countries that impose visa requirements against Argentine citizens, and where a fee is charged for the application and issuance of the visa.

If you are a national of Canada travelling to Argentina, you will be required to pay a Reciprocity Fee before you enter Argentina. The cost of the fee and validity period will differ by country. 

Cost of Reciprocity Fee and Validity Period
  • Canada - cost of fee is CAD $100 or USD $92 and is valid for 10 years or 30 days prior to passport expiration date, and for multiple entries

The Reciprocity Fee can be obtained and paid for online at and a printed receipt must be presented to the airport staff at the time of check-in, before acceptance on the flight is made.

Exempt are holders of a valid visa for Argentina, those born in Argentina, or holders of dual nationality.

If you are continuing your trip to another country within twelve hours of arrival (or you are in transit) and hold an outgoing boarding pass - you are also exempt from the Reciprocity Fee on the strict condition that you do not leave the international area of the airport (therefore not passing immigration control). If however, you are required to pass through immigration control to board your next international flight, then you must pay the Reciprocity Fee before you can enter Argentina.